Chandigarh University, Girls Taking Bath In Hostel Full VIDEO Viral

Additionally, according to Mohali SP, no suicide attempt or fatality occurred on campus as a result of this incident.
A female student from Mohali was detained today by Chandigarh Police for allegedly leaking objectionable videos of other students at a private university.

Her electronic devices and mobile phones have been taken into custody by the police, and they will be sent for forensic analysis.

Additionally, according to the police, a case has been opened at the Gharuan police station under Sections 354 c of the IPC and the IT Act against the accused girl.

An MBA first-year student has been identified as the accused girl.

In the meantime, a video of the accused girl being questioned about the incident by her warden and a group of girls has gone viral on social media.

Girls Taking a Bath at Chandigarh University Full Viral Video

The student in question is alleged to have sent the boy in Shimla the bathroom videos of her hostel roommates.

The accused is heard in the video acknowledging that she produced the videos before sending them to a boy in Shimla.

This is when the girl revealed that she had recorded videos of about 60 girls.

See what Mohali SP had to say about the incident below.

Police, however, have denied the assertion and stated that only one video of the accused herself was discovered during the investigation and that she had not taken any additional videos of anyone else.

He also urged people not to believe rumors.

Chandigarh University students protesting

This follows a large-scale protest that broke out in Mohali on Saturday night following the alleged release of “objectionable videos” of female students that went viral on social media, according to Chandigarh University students.

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