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Chakbandi Mainpuri Adhikari Video Went Viral on Telegram, Twitter

The news is reporting on a viral video from Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh, India. The video quickly went viral on the internet. Find out more about Chakbandi Adhikari’s viral video.

According to the most recent updates, the video features a Mainpuri resident named Chakbandi Adhikari who is involved in an inappropriate and abhorrent scandal that was even recorded on the same video and is now circulating on social media platforms. In terms of the video, the Consolidation officer is seen physically assaulting the wife of one of his Group IV employees. According to reports, the continuation has been going on for the past three years. However, the video has now revealed the truth.

Viral MMS Video Scan**dal involving Chakbandi Mainpuri Adhikari

Furthermore, when the wife of the employee who was being tortured tried to stand up to the officers, he began threatening her that if she didn’t cooperate with him, he would have his husband fired. When the lady had had enough, she decided to record everything that happened to her for a long time. She was successful in recording the brutality against her, which she later posted on the internet, where it quickly went viral. The victim woman lived in the Kotwali area of the district’s colony.

The case drew the attention of higher authorities, who launched an immediate and thorough investigation. As of now, the officer has been detained and the interrogation has begun. Officials from the police department have stated that the lady will receive justice soon. This isn’t the first time a higher-ranking officer has been involved in a heinous act of abusing and torturing other women in order to satisfy his lust.

The case is currently being heard in court, and police are gathering evidence against the officer. So far, the lady’s identity has remained a mystery.

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