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Boris Johnson will step down as UK prime minister due to scandals

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Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, also known as Boris Johnson, is a British journalist and Conservative Party official who was born in the United States on June 19, 1964. He was elected prime minister of the United Kingdom in July 2019. Prior to this, he worked for Prime Minister Theresa May as the second elected mayor of London (2008-16) and as secretary of state for foreign affairs (2016-18).

Prior to enrolling in an English boarding school, Johnson was a young child who lived in New York City, London, and Brussels. He received a scholarship to Eton College and later attended Balliol College in Oxford to study classics. While there, he served as president of the Oxford Union. Johnson started a career in journalism after a brief stint as a management consultant. He began working for The Times in 1987 as a reporter before being fired for making up a quote. He then started working for The Daily Telegraph, first as an assistant editor (1994-99) and then as a correspondent covering the European Community (1989-94). Johnson started writing political columns for The Spectator in 1994. In 1999, he was named the publication’s editor, a position he held until 2005.


Johnson joined The Times newspaper in 1987 as a trainee reporter after earning his degree from Oxford University. He lost his job because he made up a statement about King Edward II and the monarch’s alleged gay lover. He remembered the incident from 2013 and said, “I remember a deep, deep sense of shame and guilt. It was awful.”

Johnson was fired from his positions as the Shadow Minister and Vice-Chairman for the Conservative Party in 2004 by Michael Howard for fabricating his extramarital affairs. After that, Johnson wed his second wife, with whom he had four children. He had a four-year relationship with another woman, according to a tabloid. Johnson disputed this accusation. It is a wretched and lamentable day when people’s private lives can be used in political machinations, Johnson said in response to his firing.

By saying, “Voting Tory (Tory- Member or Supporter of Conservative Party) will cause your wife to have bigger breasts and increase your chances of owning a BMW M3,” Johnson stirred up controversy during the 2005 British general election.

He once said something divisive about the UK’s Independence Party’s Euroskepticism. “I can hardly condemn UKIP (UK Independence Party) as a bunch of boss-eyed, foam-flecked euro hysterics when I have occasionally come dangerously close to becoming one of them myself,” he said.

Johnson made a remark about Barack Obama in 2006 when Obama said that the United Kingdom should stay in the European Union. Johnson responded to this statement by claiming that “the part-Kenyan president has an ancestral dislike of the British empire — of which Churchill had been such a fervent defender.”

In a piece for The Telegraph, he commented on Hillary Clinton. She has pouty lips, dyed blonde hair, and a steely blue stare, just like a cruel nurse in a mental institution, the author of the essay said.

He made a racial comment about Blacks in a Spectator article in 2008. He stated: “Asians score higher on IQ tests and have bigger brains. At the other pole are Black people.”

2013’s World Economic Forum saw him make a divisive remark about Malaysian women. Najib Razak, the prime minister of Malaysia, claimed that 68 percent of women studied at universities in his country. Regarding this, Johnson claimed that female students attended universities in order to find husbands.

Johnson also commented on Donald Trump’s presidency in 2015. Trump’s assertion that there are “no-go” areas in London, according to him, shows a shocking lack of knowledge that renders him, quite simply, unfit for the office of president.

He released his offensive limerick depicting Recep Tayyip Erdoan, the Turkish president, having sex with a goat. He also referred to the president of Turkey as a wanker. [2]

He concocted a false statement in his pro-Brexit campaign, saying, “Every week, we sent £350 million to the EU. Instead, let’s fund the National Health Service.” Later, it was revealed that the amount was much closer to £199 million per week. [3]

Johnson was charged with interfering with an appeal for the release of British national Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe from an Iranian prison.

He received criticism in 2017 for his comment about Sirte, a city in Libya, having dead bodies. “They have a brilliant vision to make Sirte into the next Dubai,” he said, referring to the municipality of Sirte. The only thing left to do is remove the corpses.

He said something about Muslim women in 2018. He called Muslim women who cover their heads “letterboxes” and “bank robbers,” respectively. If a Muslim woman came to his constituency office wearing a niqab, he said he would feel justified in asking her to take it off.


  1. Allegra Mostyn-Owen
  2. Marina Wheeler (Barrister)
  3. Anna Fazackerley (Journalist)
  4. Petronella Wyatt (Columnist)
  5. Helen MacIntyre (Art Consultant)
  6. Carrie Symonds (2018- present, Conservationist and former Director of Communications for the Conservative Party)

Marriage Dates

  1. First Marriage- 5 September 1987 (with Allegra Mostyn-Owen)
  2. Second Marriage- 8 May 1993 (with Marina Wheeler)
  3. Third Marriage- 30 May 2021 (with Carrie Symonds)

UK prime minister following scandals resignation in disgrace

The loss of two Conservative seats in by-elections on June 24, 2022, in Tiverton and Honiton and in Wakefield, only a few weeks after Johnson survived the confidence vote, further weakened his position as party leader. The Conservative MPs who held those seats had to resign due to sexual harassment, and in early July, Johnson’s handling of a separate sexual harassment scandal involving Conservative Deputy Chief Whip Chris Pincher would finally result in the resignation of the embattled prime minister whose hold on power had previously seemed impervious to scandal.

This time, Johnson and his spokesman kept altering their account of how they came to know about Pincher’s alleged sexual misconduct both prior to his appointment as deputy chief whip and in 2019 while he was serving in the Foreign Office.

Two important ministers, Health Secretary Sajid Javid and Treasury Chief Rishi Sunak, resigned from their cabinet positions on July 5 after Johnson ultimately claimed that he had simply forgotten being briefed about Pincher’s 2019 transgression. Johnson’s support within the parliamentary Conservative Party continued to erode despite the temporary statutory protection against another vote of confidence in his party leadership, and senior party members threatened to change the party rules to allow for another confidence vote if Johnson did not resign. Despite the large number of departures, Johnson initially resisted changing his position.

Indeed, after Gove joined in pressuring Johnson to resign, he fired his former ally Michael Gove from his position as levelling up secretary. Finally, Johnson declared his resignation as party leader effective immediately on July 7, but he insisted that he would continue to serve as prime minister until the Conservatives had chosen a new leader.

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