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Good evening, everyone. As we all know, tens of thousands of videos are released every day on various social media platforms. Some are fascinating, while others are solely intended to stir up debate. A 45-second video about the Bonia brand was just released on TikTok. In the film, a variety of things were shown, from food to electronics. The company was created in Malaysia, and it maintains its headquarters there as well.

Viral Video of Bonia Tiktok

However, online users have slammed the corporation, claiming that only Chinese staff were seen having fun in the video and that no Malaysians were there. The company began its journey in the fashion industry, and they are now taking their business online and launching a variety of products in order to engage users. They also have some very appealing deals. Users have also inquired as to how they can purchase their products, and the answers can be found on their Twitter account, where they have also shared images and other information.

Allegations by Bonia Tiktok

They recently posted a message and a policy in response to the situation, stating that they are aware of the current news and would like to dispel any misunderstandings. They were performing that thing in the video because they wanted to encourage diversity and professionalism in the workplace for the company’s overall success. Despite the fact that the images have received millions of views and likes, many individuals are eating them.

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