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Billy Brown Kisses Danica Taylor In Love Island Spoiler Viral Video

Love Island’s unlucky in love singleton Danica Taylor appears to still have hope after catching Billy Brown’s eye in a scene that will air on Thursday night.

It appears Billy is indeed interested and that he will make his move after fans expressed their worries for the 21-year-old dancer earlier this week when she was friend-zoned for the fifth time.

The roofer, 23, confesses to the boys that he has a connection with Danica, and he’s eager to explore it, according to the first look teaser for tonight’s episode.

By the end of the clip, it is clear that Billy is a man of his word because, based on the girls’ reactions, he promptly carries out his ambitious plan to win Danica over.

Not the head hold, please! Indiyah Polack sputters.

Billy was diverted by Danica’s stretching as they exercised together in the gym when she made the sweet confession.

He said, “She’s okay, to be fair, so I’m just going to get to know her a little more, I think,” during Wednesday’s episode in the Beach Hut.

In another scene from tonight’s episode, Tasha Ghouri will ask Andrew Le Page to become her boyfriend in order to advance their relationship.

Watch Video Billy Brown Kisses Danica Taylor


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