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Bilal Kaka Death full viral video on Twitter, Reddit

People in Hyderabad are requesting justice for his death as a result of a shocking incident that occurred there. When the two groups fight, murder results. On Monday night, a fight broke out over a bill detailing how the restaurant’s owners had murdered a customer who had come in to shop there. The victim’s family is protesting and intends to file a complaint after this news became the most read headline and a video of the altercation went viral on Twitter.

Full video of Bilal Kaka Death

The man’s name was Bilal Kaka, and according to information provided by the media, a fight over the bill resulted in the man’s death at the hands of the restaurant’s owners. The Super Saleteen Hotel is where this incident happened in Wadhu Wah. The food bill was the catalyst for the entire altercation. Bilal immediately injured two people, and when the owner became enraged, he killed him. On a number of social media platforms, this news is currently trending. Jani and Mumtaz are the two people hurt in this.



Bilal and two other people were transported right away to the hospital, where two are now making a full recovery and Bilal was pronounced dead. The family arrived at the restaurant and is now seeking to file a police report alleging that the proprietor killed their son and seriously hurt his two friends. The restaurant owner has been detained by the police, but they have not yet filed a complaint, prompting Naseem’s family to protest and demand that they do so. People are seeing this news on numerous news channels, and many are joining the family in this protest.

Twitter video of Bilal Kaka’s death goes viral

The news of his passing is widely shared on social media, and his family is receiving a lot of support. Afghani Pathan is the name of the victim, and the majority of people are curious as to why the police have not filed a complaint against him. The protest is still ongoing, so if any of you would like to join them to travel to the above-mentioned location, there are no updates in this news. When we have updated information on this news, we’ll let you know.


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