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Bhojpuri Nidhi Jha Lulia Honeymoon Video Viral On Twitter & Reddit!

A Bhojpuri actor’s video has gone viral on the internet, attracting a lot of attention. Yash Kumar is the actor we’re talking about. Yash has recently married and is currently on honeymoon with his wife. The actor himself shared the video, which has received a lot of positive feedback. Many actors have tied the knot this year, and Yash has also married and is on his honeymoon with his wife. The couple married just a few days ago and is equally adored by their fans. Yash married Nidhi, a famous actress from his profession. The couple has been in the news and talked about since their honeymoon because of their marriage.

Lulia Honeymoon Viral Video of Yash Kumar and Nidhi Jha

Yash married Nidhi a long time ago, but it is said that they have been together for a long time and are now on their honeymoon. Nidhi and Yash have been posting photos and videos from their honeymoon on social media. Many celebrities and people have congratulated the couple on their wedding and sent their blessings in the form of comments. The video showed Yash standing and holding a phone, saying, “There are a lot of problems in my life,” before turning the camera to show his wife, Nidhi. The actor then jokingly posted the video.

Yash Kumar and Nidhi Jha Lulia: Who Are They?

Nidhi, who had no idea the video was being shot and then posted, left angry emojis on Yash’s post. Many people enjoyed the video, and it now has a large number of views. For the second time in his life, actor Yash has married. Yes, the actor has previously been married and has a daughter. Unfortunately, they divorced and split up. Anjali Singh, his first wife, was also an actress.

Wikipedia and Biography of Yash Kumar and Nidhi Jha Lulia

She came from the Bhojpuri film industry as well. After Yash’s divorce, he and Nishi began dating and dated for three years. They have been married for a while now, and many people adore them. Ranbir Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal, and Raj Kumar Rao, among others, married their loved ones this year and ruled the internet with their stunning photos. The film industry has had a relatively easy year. During this time, Yash also got his hands dirty and married Nidhi, his long-time lover.

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