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Bengal Teacher Assaulted Stripped For Disciplining Student What Happened?

Numerous controversies are currently catching fire on social networking sites, and nearly every time they do, they become so large and out of control. A similar situation is generating a lot of discussion on social media sites as a video of a teacher from West Bengal appears in which she is surrounded by a large group of people who are protecting her to a great extent. As soon as the news spread on social media, countless reactions hit the headlines, and just as countless teachers came out in support while criticising the crowd and the locals.

According to unconfirmed reports or sources, a mob in West Bengal stripped and assaulted a female teacher for correcting a student in South Dinajpur. Trimohini Pratap Chandra High Secondary School was the scene of the incident last Thursday, and the responsible authority has even detained about 4 people who were approaching the mob before it arrived. Even though the problem was not as serious as they had perceived, a complaint has been made against the defaulters and locals for their actions when they arrived at school and began attacking a teacher.

assault on a teacher in West Bengal

Jarnatun Khatoon, a student, was caught loitering outside the classroom instead of inside it, and the teacher, “Chaitali,” reprimanded her for it by holding her ear against her will. As a result, her hijab was torn open. Then, Khatoon hurried to her house and told her family everything while giving the incident a new spin. As a result, 200 locals and her family members quickly arrived at the school and attached a teacher. As you can see in the viral video that is going viral on social media, even they did not give her a chance to speak.

According to reports, at first, the large crowd prevented the concerned authorities from detaining anyone or moving the proceedings along, but when the Principal urged them and expressed his concern, they began acting and arrested the defaulters. In the midst of this, the principal declared, “After witnessing the result of this minor accident, he is feeling unsafe; as a result, if the state management team wants him to be kept there, they will need to take action against the mob.

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