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Behroze Sabzwari Defends Imran Khan Against Drug Allegations on FHM Podcast

Moeed Pirzada Reacts to Behroze Sabzwari's Imran Khan Alcohol Allegation

Renowned Pakistani actor Behroze Sabzwari recently made headlines with his candid remarks about former Prime Minister Imran Khan during an appearance on Adnan Faisal’s YouTube podcast, FHM Pakistan. The actor discussed his relationship with Khan and vehemently defended the politician’s character.

Behroze Sabzwari Defending Imran Khan’s Character

During the podcast, Sabzwari staunchly defended Chairman PTI Imran Khan against various allegations. He said, “I’ve shared a drink with him [Imran Khan] on numerous occasions, and he has never consumed more than one.” This statement was aimed at countering persistent rumors and accusations regarding imran Khan’s alleged drug use..

Behroze Sabzwari Defends Imran Khan on FHM Pakistan Podcast

Behroze Sabzwari Addressing Drug Use Allegations

Sabzwari specifically addressed the accusations of cocaine use leveled against Khan. He denounced these claims as baseless and part of a smear campaign to tarnish Khan’s reputation. “Write this down that 804 [Imran Khan] will win because he’s honest,” Sabzwari asserted, expressing his confidence in Khan’s integrity and future political success.

Reaction to the Viral Clip

The podcast clip has gone viral since its release on Monday night, sparking a heated debate on social media. PTI supporters have labeled the video as “fake,” suggesting it was manipulated to damage Khan’s image. Conversely, fans of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) have expressed satisfaction with the video’s contents, viewing it as a vindication of their stance against Khan.

Moeed Pirzada’s Response

Prominent journalist Moeed Pirzada also weighed in on the controversy via Twitter. Pirzada highlighted Sabzwari’s defense of Khan, quoting the actor’s assertion about Khan’s limited alcohol consumption and his honesty. Pirzada’s tweet underscored the polarized opinions surrounding Khan’s character and the ongoing political discourse in Pakistan.

Moeed Pirzada Comments on Behroze Sabzwari's Claim: Imran Khan Drinks Alcohol

Broader Implications

Behroze Sabzwari’s public defense of Imran Khan sheds light on the deeply entrenched political divides in Pakistan. The actor’s remarks reflect the broader sentiment among Khan’s supporters, who believe in his honesty and integrity despite the allegations against him. Meanwhile, his detractors continue to question his character, using these allegations as a basis for their criticism.


The podcast appearance by Behroze Sabzwari has added another layer to the ongoing political narrative in Pakistan. As the clip continues to circulate and provoke reactions from various quarters, it highlights the influential role of media personalities in shaping public opinion and the intense scrutiny faced by political figures like Imran Khan. Whether this controversy will have any lasting impact on Khan’s political career remains to be seen, but it certainly underscores the high stakes and deep divisions in Pakistani politics.

FAQ on Behroze Sabzwari’s Comments About Imran Khan

Q1: Who is Behroze Sabzwari?

A1: Behroze Sabzwari is a renowned Pakistani actor known for his work in television and film.

Q2: Where did Behroze Sabzwari make his recent comments about Imran Khan?

A2: Sabzwari made his comments during an appearance on Adnan Faisal’s YouTube podcast, FHM Pakistan.

Q3: What did Behroze Sabzwari say about Imran Khan’s drinking habits?

A3: Sabzwari said that he has shared a drink with Imran Khan on numerous occasions and Khan has never consumed more than one.

Q4: How did Sabzwari address the allegations of Imran Khan using cocaine?

A4: He dismissed these allegations as fake and part of a campaign to tarnish Khan’s reputation.

Q5: What was Sabzwari’s prediction about Imran Khan’s political future?

A5: Sabzwari confidently stated that Imran Khan will win because he is honest.

Q6: How did the public react to the viral clip of Sabzwari’s comments?

A6: The clip sparked a divided reaction; PTI supporters called it fake, while PML-N supporters were pleased.

Q7: What did Moeed Pirzada say in response to Sabzwari’s comments?

A7: Moeed Pirzada tweeted, highlighting Sabzwari’s defense of Khan, emphasizing his limited alcohol consumption and honesty.

Q8: What is the broader significance of Sabzwari’s comments?

A8: Sabzwari’s comments highlight the deep political divides in Pakistan and the significant public scrutiny of political figures.

Q9: Are Behroze Sabzwari’s comments likely to impact Imran Khan’s political career?

A9: It is uncertain if the comments will have a lasting impact, but they contribute to the ongoing political discourse.

Q10: Why is the issue of Imran Khan’s alleged drug use significant?

A10: The allegations are significant because they are part of broader efforts to challenge his character and credibility.

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