Barry Loudermilk: Who is he? Day before attack, Capitol Tour Scandal footage

Barry Loudermilk, a Georgia Republican representative, is in the news. Following the discovery of video showing the politician touring the US Capitol building with a group of people prior to the attack on January 6, the politician has become the focus of discussion on social media. The January 6th Committee posted the video clip along with a lengthy caption to Twitter. The video depicts Loudermilk leading a tour of the House Office Buildings and the tunnel entrances to the Capitol. Check out the article below for all the pertinent details.

Barry Loudermilk, who was looking into the January 6 capitol attack, was seen on the surveillance footage. According to reports, the video was shot on January 5. According to reports, the building was closed to visitors at the time because of the widespread virus. Officials questioned the congressman about the tour before the video was posted on social media. Barry, however, insisted that he was not a part of any of the shady activity. Later, the US Capitol Police concurred, stating that there was no proof that Barry had led the tourists inside the structure. The authorities added that none of the observed activities were regarded as suspicious by them.

Barry Loudermilk: Who is he?

The committee recently decided to look into the matter further and discovered a video that showed Loudermilk inside the Capitol on January 5 with other people. A day before the riot, Barry was seen leading a group of ten people into the building in the video. According to a letter from Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, Loudermilk took the tourists to locations in “the Rayburn, Longworth, and Cannon House Office Buildings” as well as entrances to tunnels leading to the U.S. Capitol. Thomspon continued by stating that the group stayed at the location for several hours and even recorded and took pictures of some locations that are not typically thought of as tourist attractions.

The committee chairman added that one of the members of the group was seen filming a friend holding a flagpole with a sharpened end and saying, “It’s for a certain person,” as well as taking pictures of the staircase of Longworth House Office Building. As everyone seems to be talking about it, the situation has now become the focus of attention among internet users. Loudermilk discussed the situation and claimed that the committee did not get in touch with him before releasing the letter to the media, even branding their actions as reckless.


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