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Bangalore Police Arrest Lovi Assumi Rapists

There is a viral video about a gang rap*e that has been making the rounds in the media since May 26. It is evident in the video footage that the rapists as*saulted the girl, and there was also another girl who appeared to be aiding them. It appears that she hasn’t been apprehended yet because she is missing in the police officers’ photo from Bangalore, but it appears that trouble is on the way for the victim.

Video by Lovi Assumi News for the Northeast

The authorities have confirmed that this is not the same girl as they have already confirmed with the family of the victim and have come up with a statement is not the same girl and the author. Initially it was being reported that the girl looks like the Nagaland girl Lovi Sumi, the girl who recently committed suici*de in the city of Jodhpur, who was just 25 years old, but it seems like that this was nothing but just a speculation that didn’t turn out to be true.

Bangalore Police Arrest Rapists Associated With Lovi Assumi

The accused girl’s picture was shared by the Assam Police in a post, and they claimed that they did this to help people gather the information they needed to know about the girl. The 4 men and the girl who were residing in a rented home in Avalahalli in Ramamurthy Nagar were located by the police using the expertise on their side after the police tracked the video and discovered that the chain had led them to Bangalore. As a result, the police started looking for the culprits right away.

The Bangladeshi police have said that they have filed a case against the four men and the woman who are accused of raping a girl. They have done this following a thorough investigation, and it appears that the rapists will receive the punishment they deserve—death, which is what the entire nation desires.

The 5 suspects were finally apprehended after the internet video went viral; their whereabouts had been a topic of discussion, but now that they have been located, the public appears to be in no hurry. The accused have been held captive by the police authorities and will remain there until the hearing of the case.

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