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‘Badshah Begum,’ starring Zara Noor Abbas, teaser is out now

The teaser for the drama series ‘Badshah Begum,’ starring Zara Noor Abbas, has been published.

Zara Noor Abbas will play Jahan Ara in the drama, and the teaser depicts Noor as a ruthless queen. According to the teaser, the overall vibe, jewellery, and outfits indicate that the characters belong to a very royal family, and the drama Badshah Begum appears to be a storey about politics and power.

Zara Noor Abbas also shared the news with her admirers, posting a teaser to Instagram with the caption:

“Hum aurtain kisi ki jageer naheen, keh hum per shartain aur baaziaan lagayee jayein [We women are not someone’s property that we have conditions attached and people betting on us].”

“Honour is always associated with a woman and it’s always a woman who has to sacrifice. Maybe that’s why this throne needs only a woman,”

she said in the clip.

Designer Munib Nawaz and actress Parisheh James both commented on the page to hype up Abbas. Saji Gul, the show’s writer, also remarked, saying, “Wow Zara astonished myself” to watch his plot in action.

Zara Noor Abbas was last seen in ‘Phaans.’ The drama is based on the true storey of a rape survivor and her fight for justice.

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