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Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan’s cricket team, released a viral video.

According to reports, Babar Azam, the captain of the Pakistani cricket team, is embroiled in a fresh controversy following the internet leakage of his personal recordings and conversations. This latest controversy follows criticism of his leadership style and the performance of his team.

Social media is ablaze with controversy over claims that private conversations between Babar and a woman were leaked. On the other hand, the veracity of the video clip has been questioned. Some are unsure about its authenticity.

In addition to the videos and chats, it appears that Babar’s voice recordings have also been released. Divergent viewpoints regarding this issue can be found on Twitter. Some claim the material that has been leaked is accurate, while others believe it is part of a plot to damage the reputation of the Pakistani cricket captain. Following this dispute, numerous tweets supporting and criticizing Babar have been posted.

Babar has experienced difficulties in life outside of cricket before. A woman accused him of s3xual abuse in November 2020, claiming the player had deceived her for ten years with promises of marriage and other unfavorable statements about her.

“I have known Babar since the days when he wasn’t involved with cricket,” the unidentified woman told the media. His family was not wealthy. I’m hoping that everyone in this room will support me in obtaining justice so that no other girl has to endure what I have. This is my family. Babar and I shared a home and grew up in the same neighborhood.

Regarding their friendship, she remarked, “He was my school friend.” He proposed to me in 2010, and I accepted. After visiting my home, he made a proposal to me. We discovered more about it over time. We told our families that we wanted to get married, but they rejected our proposal. After that, Babar and I decided to wed legally.

Babar had intended to wed me, so in 2011 we fled together. After that, he kept me in rentals. I asked him again and again for his hand in marriage, but he kept saying that “we are not in a position to.” “In time, we will get married.”

An increasing number of people are observing the Pakistani cricket captain, both on and off the pitch, as the controversy continues. It is currently unknown how Babar’s cricket career and reputation will be impacted by this latest controversy.

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