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Ayodhya River Bathing Man Beaten for Kissing Wife Viral Video

In the Uttar Pradesh city of Ayodhya, a man was abused and physically assaulted for kissing his wife while bathing in the Sarayu River. Social media is rife with videos of the incident.

The man is beaten by several men nearby and dragged away from his wife in the video. “Such vulgarity will not be tolerated in Ayodhya,” a man is heard saying.

Although she tries, the wife is unable to keep her husband safe.

The mob ultimately throws the couple from the boat.

Police in Ayodhya reported that authorities have been asked to look into the situation and take any necessary legal action.

In-charge Inspector Police Station Kotwali Ayodhya has been instructed to look into the matter and take any necessary legal action, according to a tweet from Ayodhya police.
One of Ganga’s seven tributaries, Sarayu is revered by Hindus as a holy river. On the banks of the Sarayu River is Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Ram.

Ayodhya River a Man Kissing Wife Viral Video Full HD


In the video, a number of men in the area drag the man away from his wife and beat him. According to one man, “Such vulgarity will not be tolerated in Ayodhya,”

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