Australia’s worst serial killer: MAFS Samantha Moitzi on Ivan Milat

MAFS Samantha Moitzi on Australia’s Worst Serial Killer, Ivan Milat:

According to the latest reports, Married At First Sight bride Samantha Moitzi is related to infamous murderer Ivan Milat, but the show will no longer address her family’s connection to the “backpacker killer.” The 27-year-old Gold Coast-based fashion brand manager stunned producers and her on-screen “spouse” Al Perkins when she revealed she was the granddaughter of Milat’s younger sister Shirley Soire at the time of filming last year. When Perkins, 25, suggested that they watch the 2005 horror film Wolf Creek, which is loosely based on Milat’s heinous crimes, Moitzi appeared to break down in tears.

Samantha Moitzi of MAFS on Ivan Milat

“Al wanted to watch Wolf Creek one night and things turned awkward really fast,” a reliable source told the news organisation on Monday (March 21st, 2022). Perkins allegedly suggested that they watch the film because he “had not seen it yet” and believed that a scary film would “aid their bond.” “He had absolutely no hint about her family,” the insider said. It was extremely inconvenient. Sam hesitated, but he had no choice but to inform him. He was taken aback.”

Milat’s real-life murders in the early 1990s were the inspiration for the Australian cult horror film, which starred John Jarratt. According to an on-set source, Moitzi was “afraid” of discussing the subject on camera and instead informed Perkins privately. On Channel Nine’s show, the family connection will not be discussed. Shirley Soire, Moitzi’s grandmother, who died in 2003, was an outspoken supporter of her killer brother and is said to have helped him “get rid of” a gun.

In the year 1964, she married her husband Gerry. They had two children together before parting ways. “Shirley used to take her grandchildren to the jail her brother on several occasions,” a source told a news outlet. Milat murdered seven backpackers and hitchhikers in the Belanglo State Forest, south of Sydney, between 1989 and 1992, and was suspected of murdering others.

He was sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. His afflicted were:

  • English backpackers Caroline Clarke, 21
  • Joanne Walters 22
  • Melbourne couple James Gibson and Deborah Everist, both 19;  German backpackers Simone Schmidl, 20
  • Gabor Neugebauer, 21
  • Anja Habschied, 20

He died of oesophageal and stomach cancer at the Long Bay jail hospital in the month of October 2019 at the age of 74. Moitzi and Channel Nine were contacted for comment but did not respond.


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