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Atif Aslam and Adnan Qazi are expected to collaborate on new song

Popular singer Atif Aslam and director of the entertainment industry Adnan Qazi are said to be working on an intriguing new song.

According to The News, Qazi was asked a question during a recent event, and he grudgingly revealed the information. Qazi and Aslam are two well-known Pakistani industry figures who have excelled in their respective industries.

Atif Aslam, on the other hand, is now playing Hilmand in the star-studded drama ‘Sang-e-Mah.’ The artist has gained attention for his masterpiece ‘Agay Dekh,’ an official PSL 7 anthem.

While thanking his wife for her contribution to the song’s success, the Sajan Das Na singer shared a storey on Instagram. Atif Aslam turned to social media to praise Sara for her contribution to one of the verses.

“Thank you so much for all of your love and respect. I knew my wife’s sense of style was out of this world when she chose to marry me. “Thank you Sara for styling my gorgeous wife,” commented Atif.

“What a video – considering the small amount of time we had,” he continued. Well done, @zparwez. @abdullah.s.siddiqui created a great soundscape.”

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