At one time, a man marries two women.

The Jharkhand state of India is where the wedding took place.
On the same day, the same man was married to both Kusum Lakra and Swati Kumari.
Sandeep was ordered to marry both women simultaneously after the community stepped in.
In an unusual wedding, a man marries both of his girlfriends at the same time. The marriage was approved by all three newlyweds.

The Jharkhand state of India is where the wedding took place. India Today claims that Swati Kumari and Kusum Lakra wed the same spouse on the same day.

The bride Kusum had been the love of the groom Sandeep Oraon’s life for three years. When Sandeep fell in love with Swati, their lives were completely upended. They had previously shared a workplace.

The families of Sandeep and Swati started to object when they learned about their relationship. Then the community stepped in and ordered the man to wed both of the women.

Both the women and their families accepted it.

Sandeep said, “Marrying two women simultaneously might be against the law, but I love both of them and I cannot leave either of them.


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