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As girls go missing, Riphah University is trending on Twitter.

There have been reports of girls going missing from Riphah University in Islamabad, and a threat letter threatening more students and teachers for promoting vulgarity has surfaced. Three girls from Riphah University have allegedly gone missing so far, while the body of one girl was discovered in a dumpster near the girl campus in Gulberg Greens Islamabad, rap**ed and murdered. However, the claims have yet to be proven, and fake pictures of dead bodies are being circulated on social media. It’s possible that the entire situation is fabricated.

It’s worth noting that Riphah University recently relocated the girls campus to Islamabad’s Gulberg Greens, which is currently being developed and is deserted. The three girls allegedly vanished from campus, with one of their bodies later discovered near the campus.

Students at Riphah University discovered an alleged threat letter.

Meanwhile, Riphah University students claim to have discovered a threat letter near campus stating that more girls will be abducted for spreading vulgarity throughout the country. The threat letter stated, “There is a plan to kidnap twelve girls and five teachers from the hostels near Riphah University.”

The letter stated, “We have kidnapped two girls from G-13.” “We must put an end to the vulgarity spread in the name of the Aurat March.” It’s preferable to walk around nak*ed than in tights.” “If we find anyone wearing tights or jeans, their heads will be cut off and displayed on Kashmir Highway and Golra Chowk,” the letter continued.

“Make sure your kids don’t wear too-tight dresses, or you’ll be held accountable.” The letter stated, “We have established a network throughout Pakistan and are monitoring girls’ hostels and universities.” “It is a request to Pakistanis to be good Muslims and not go out without a dupatta, as well as to put an end to western fashion.”

During these reports, police were seen at Riphah University.

There are also videos of police officers allegedly arriving at Riphah University in response to reports of these girls going missing from the campus hostels. However, no reports of the incident have been confirmed by any media outlet.

Fake Photographs of Dead People

It’s worth noting that the images of dead bodies being circulated on Twitter are fake. The photos, according to our investigation, are from another incident near Kallar Kahar, in which the bodies of a mother and daughter were dumped after being shot last month.

Popular on Social Media

Meanwhile, the hashtag #RiphahUniversity is trending on Twitter, with users urging Islamabad Police to clarify the situation surrounding the students who went missing from Riphah University. People have begun to demand immediate action against those who are responsible, as well as justice for the girls.

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