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Arrest rumours about TikTok star Anjali Arora gone viral

Is Anjali Arora in jail? Anjali Arora, a TikTok star, has been accused of being arrested. Distribute on social media In this essay, we shall discuss Anjali Arora, India’s most recognised fashion model.

Anjali Arora is a Tiktok star, a dancer, and a model. She has appeared in a number of music videos in Punjabi, Haryanvi, and Hindi.

Anjali Arora, who rose to fame thanks to Tik Tok, now has millions of Instagram and other social media followers. Millions of people adore his style, as seen by the millions of views and likes that each of his videos receives.

What is Anjali Arora’s background?

Anjali has always loved acting and dancing, and she would gladly participate in any school production. Anjali’s dance and acting skills were praised by all of her friends.

He quickly surpassed the 3 million follower mark in the year 2020, and then quickly surpassed the 6 million follower mark on Tiktok.

Anjali began making dance and Shayari videos, as well as lip-sync videos. People began to respond positively to his video, and each of his videos quickly went viral.


Is Anjali Arora Arrested? No
Anjali Arora and her family are originally from Punjab.
Anjali never smokes and consumes alcohol.
Anjali likes to travel to new places with her friends.
Anjali worked with Punjabi singer Kaka in the song Temporary Pyaar, which was viewed by more than 200 million people on YouTube.
Anjali Arora is very active on her social media account and has more than 3 million followers on her Instagram account.

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