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Arjun Kapoor adores giving her on the bed in this position, Malaika Arora claims

Malaika Arora discloses a bedroom secret: Malaika Arora’s beauty is unaffected by her age. As a result, despite being 47 years old, she still faces competition from younger actors. She still has a flawless, lovely appearance today. Nearly daily, his yoga and workout videos go viral. Everyone in the comments asks him how he stays young and attractive. Malaika credits yoga and the sweat she works up in the gym for keeping her in shape. She also takes excellent care of the food and drinks. He prefers to consume only nutritious foods. Due to all of these elements, Malaika looks young regardless of her age.

Malaika has only been in a small number of films, but despite this, she continues to garner attention due to her personal life’s ups and downs. People laugh along with her over every subject, whether it is her breakup with Arbaaz Khan or her romance with Arjun Kapoor. She is constantly spotted with Arjun Kapoor, with whom she is frankly in love.

Malaika is among a handful of actors who are not afraid to discuss their personal lives in public. Malaika discussed her personal life while she was a guest on Neha Dhupia’s talk program.

He responded to queries on topics like breaking up with Arbaaz and romance in the bedroom during this talk show. How does he feel about boys, Neha queries? Malaika replies that she enjoys bearded boys and that it will be enjoyable if the other person has a sense of humour.

Neha was interested in learning the bedroom’s secret during this chat session. Neha questioned Malaika about the position Neha preferred. Malaika replied that she prefers to be above in response to this. Following their responses, both actors burst out laughing. During that time, Malaika’s response went viral, despite the fact that many people did not even enjoy it.

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