Anoushey Ashraf: Followers of Khalil ur Rehman slandering me

Anoushey Ashraf appears to have found herself in deep water after stating that she would never work with Khalil-ur-Rehman if paid Rs5 million.

Tabish Hashmi recently got down with Ashraf for an interview. He had questioned the VJ about her thoughts on plays and why, unlike other VJs of her day, she did not pursue acting as a vocation.

“I’m actually happy where I am,”

said Ashraf.

“I may get struck after getting two slaps and have millions of fans, but I don’t want it,” she implied, referring to Ayeza Khan. She went on to say, “Even if I got Rs50 lac, I don’t want to do Khalil-ur-project.”

The VJ received backlash on her social media account after her anti-Khalil statements. Now, Ashraf has issued a statement in response to this, detailing how Khalil-ur-supporters Rehman’s have slandered her.

she posted.

“All I said was what I felt was right. That I don’t agree with his vision and ethos and that’s my right. It’s an opinion and I put it out respectfully. I was also asked this question so I have an answer in return. Respectfully. And earnestly,”

Also add:

“But his followers have been slandering me, abusing me, and talking about my wroth… They’re the prime example of why I wouldn’t want them to even know me. And now they do. If you can’t respect another person’s opinion without shaming them, then it’s time to reflect. Also, see the whole show and see Tabihs Hashmi’s response too.”

“He said he would not do the project either. Just being true to ourselves, just lie Khalil Sahib is true to his values. SImple. Disrespect, however, is a pattern I see in all his followers and it’s extremely disheartening. Thanks for the attention though. Much love to all.”

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