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Anjali Arora’s latest video went viral on social media after fans responded positively to it.

Anjali Arora’s latest video went viral on social media. Due to the popularity of her photos and videos, Anjali Arora is frequently discussed on social media. On social media, Kacha Badam Girl, also known as Anjali Arora, has a sizable fan base.

Due to her popular MMS, Anjali has previously encountered trolling. His most recent video has been trending on social media in the meantime. Fans are also surprised by Anjali’s fashion sense.
Anjali Arora recently shared a video on her Instagram page. She is dancing on saffron from the movie “Brahmastra” in this video.

His killer acts are also earning him a lot of praise from his followers. She can be seen performing a stunning dance in this video while dressed in a lehenga.

Umar Riaz, who appeared in “Bigg Boss 15,” and Anjali had previously shared a video. Umar had his hand in the video.

Anjali also mentioned that they would be releasing a music video soon. Saiya Dil Mein Aana Re, Anjali’s most recent film, received favorable reviews from viewers.

Anjali Arora allegedly appeared in a popular MMS at one point. Anjali is not in the video, but it is intended to malign her. Anjali Arora participated in Kangana Ranaut’s reality series “Lockup” in the meantime. The friendship between Anjali and Munawwar Farooqui in the show sparked a lot of interest. She has additionally appeared in a lot of music videos.

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