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Anjali Arora breaks down in a trending MMS, and my younger brother can see it all

Famed “Lock Up” reality show I am very strong, but what about my parents when someone tells them something? said Anjali Arora, who is currently speaking about the Viral MMS video. is moving on.

Anjali Arora, who appeared in the reality series “Lock Up,” is currently making news due to a Viral MMS video that was posted online. People who have seen this MMS video are claiming that the girl in it is Anjali Arora, even though she claims that this is a fake MMS that has gone viral. Anjali is angry about the stolen MMS video, but she is more concerned about her family’s reactions.

“All these videos are also watched by my family,”

fame for “Kacha Badam” Even after leaving “Lock Up,” Anjali Arora continues to make headlines for her new song, “Saiyaan Dil Mein Aana Re.” However, she is currently embroiled in the MMS controversy, despite her repeated claims to the contrary. In an interview with Siddharth Kanan, Anjali discussed the impact that this video has had on her family. My family also watches all these videos, Anjali sobbed as she said to Siddharth. I am not sure why I spread so much when I am not. My family consists of a younger brother, a sister, and myself.

“My parents didn’t even come over to say what this is or is not,”

Anjali claimed that she learned about everything before the show when she left “Lock Up” and returned. She mentioned that her father had reported this to the police as well. My parents didn’t even come and say a thing about this or that, she claimed.

What are my parents going through? I’m a very strong person.

She sobbed, saying, “I’m a very strong person, but my parents, when they hear something, they don’t know what is happening to them. I am unable to explain that. They offer me no information. But I feel bad that because of me, they have to listen to all of this.

“My family is unable to handle this at this time.”

“So many comments from the past week, I’m upset to hear what I’ve actually done,” Anjali remarked. I haven’t engaged in such behavior. a result of some moron who created anything using my photo. I am more than capable of handling everything, but my family isn’t quite prepared, is it?



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