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Anita Alvarez, an American, passed out in the swimming pool during the world championships’ final match.

During the 19th FINA World Championship test recently, a tragic sporting incident occurred. The incident’s news received a lot of attention both online and in the town itself. Anita Alvarez, a well-known Mexican American creative and synchronised dancer, reportedly faced a tragic accident when she lost consciousness in the pool and drowned during her solo test for the upcoming championship for the upcoming World Championship in Budapest. However, her coach jumped in the pool right away after assessing the situation and saved her. Find out more about the Spanish-speaking Andrea Fuentes who saved Anita Alvarez’s life.
The entire incident was captured on camera, and the video demonstrates how the renowned swimmer is developing in the pool. While Andrea Fuentes, her coach, approached her to save her life, she was almost seen touching the pool’s surface unconscious. There are numerous images and videos of the well-known Spanish coach Andrea Fuentes saving the life of one of her trainees and preventing her from falling into the pool. The swimmer was taking her solo test when she suddenly fell over and began to drown.

Anita Alvarez’s life is saved by Andrea Fuentes in this video.

After a short while, Andrea Fuentes, Alvarez’s trainer, noticed her trainee in the water and dove in to save her. According to reports, Anita was only underwater for 10 seconds, but the pictures and videos have shocked all of her followers and other internet users who have seen them so far. The coach, however, was instrumental in saving Anita’s life and displayed wise judgement at the time. She jumped into the pool right away to save her. The crew members started treating Anita right away.

The incident as a whole shocked every single one of her supporters as well as the rest of the audience. Other pictures of Anita being pulled from the water by the coach. Another one demonstrates that when she was brought to the surface, the crew surrounded her. The audience members’ dejected faces can be seen in one of the pictures. However, everyone is simultaneously praising coach Andrea Fuentes. Fortunately, the swimmer responded to the initial first aid and eventually recovered without experiencing any significant complications.


One of the most accomplished swimmers is Andreas Fuentas Fache. She stopped competing in synchronised swimming. With four Olympic, one World, and eleven European Championship medals, she is the most decorated swimmer in the history of the Spanish National team.

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