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Andrea Brilliantes Video Went Viral on Twitter, Reddit

Andrea Brilliantes’ Scan***dal Video Has Gone Viral On Twitter Reddit Scan***dalized, get out of here:

There’s a well-known idiom that describes two girls who will never befriend each other. Two divas cannot possibly be friends, but this is not entirely true. That is evidently true, no matter how difficult the current situation is. According to the most recent leisure report, The Gold Squad members and “Huwang Kang Mangamba” co-stars Francine Diaz and Andra Brillantes have become hot social media topics.

Video of Andrea Brillantes’ Scan***dal

Observant fans noticed that the younger actresses rarely interact with one another on Instagram, leading to a flood of speculation that propelled their names to the top of Twitter’s trending topics. The apparent severing of ties on social media happened in the midst of a photo of Seth Fedelin and Diaz, Brillantes on-screen companion and also one-fourth of The Gold Squad, with the actress’ family.

Brillantes shared an enigmatic clip on TikTok at the same time, in which she lifted lyrics from Selena Gomez’s song “Lose You To Love Me,” specifically: “I gave my all they usually all understand it.” You turned me down, and now it’s up to you to decide. You changed us in two months. I’d prefer it to be simple. It made me feel like I deserved it.”

Video Defined by Andrea Brillantes

Diaz and Brillantes, as well as Kyle Echarri and Fedelin, are the only members of The Gold Squad, which formed during the run of their afternoon drama “Kadenang Ginto” in 2018. Fedelin and Brillantes’ alliance is known as “SethDrea,” while Echarri and Diaz’s love team is known as “KyCine.” In the year 2021, the four were reunited in the primetime series “Huwang Kang Mangamba.”

Particulars of the Andrea Brillantes Scan***dal

Netizens are once again interested in her scan***dal as soon as his name is in the spotlight. Andrea’s full name is Andrew Blythe Daguio Goroztiza, who rose to prominence as the main cast member of “Going Bulilit,” Philippine television’s longest-running kiddie variety show, broadcast on ABS CBN. She became more well-known after starring in the 2013 prime-time cleaning soap opera “Annaliza.”

Andrea’s cell phone was stolen, according to sources, and her priva***te video was saved. The phone thief allegedly posted the scan***dalous video on the internet, which has since gone viral. The report also began right now, when an ABS CBN expertise supervisor and employee claimed on a ladies’s website discussion board that she has a 12-year-old “Going Bulilit” expertise with a scan***dal. For the time being, the claimed expertise supervisor did not drop any titles for security functions. The video was allegedly recorded by the younger actress herself while she was viewing her priva***te parts.

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