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Ananya Panday wore a bold outfit to promote her film Gheeriyan.

Deepika Padukone admires Ananya Pandey. She refers to her as her younger sister. In fact, they both appeared in the film Ghareyayan. Aside from these two, Siddhant Chaturvedi plays a vital role in this film.

Deepika Padukone praises Ananya Pandey

Deepika Padukone said of Ananya Panday, “She is like a baby girl to me, she is my younger sister, and she is brilliant and smart.” Dipika then remarked about Siddhant, saying, “Looking at Sid, I felt like I got to know her very personally and witness her journey, the type of effort she has done in the film is remarkable.” I adore her, and we have become lifelong friends.

Ananya Pandey posted photographs of a daring photoshoot on Instagram.

Ananya Pandey, from the film Gheeriyaan, has uploaded photographs from a recent session on Instagram. She has shared a total of 5 photos. Ananya Pandey appears in the photos wearing a green bralette and leather trousers. Ananya Pandey is looking away, and her toned form is visible in the shot. In the following snap, she is rolling her eyes. She has one hand in the pocket of her jeans. Ananya Pandey is wearing both hand pockets in the next shot. She is seen posing in style. The fourth shot is a close-up. Ananya may be seen in this after opening her eyes and smiling with her eyes closed. Ananya Pandey is staring someplace in the sixth snap.

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