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Ameer Gilani’s marriage to Mawra Hocane is just subject of rumours

Mawra Hocane has finally spoken out about the rumours surrounding her marriage to co-star Ameer Gilani.

The Sabaat actress recently went on the show and discussed the speculations surrounding her marriage to Ameer Gilani, as many fans longed for the on-screen couple to marry in real life as well. Hocane responded by saying that Ameer is a highly eligible bachelor, which she blushed to say.

“It’s really kind of the fans that they adore me and Ameer together,”

she continued.

“We’re very good friends, and if people like us together, they’ll undoubtedly appreciate our future drama. I take these words as praises.”

When it comes to marriage, Ameer, according to Hocane, is an incredible human being with whom he shares a deep friendship. Many social media users are unsure whether or not the actress would marry Gilani as a result of her comments.

The viewers of the drama series ‘Sabaat’ adored Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gilani’s charming on-screen romantic chemistry. Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gilani’s connection didn’t just shine on the screen; they also walked the runway together at Bridal Couture Week.

It was eventually discovered that Ameer and Mawra were law school classmates. Mawra and Ameer’s relationship led everyone to believe that something was going on between them because they both used to remark on each other’s posts and submit images. However, whether the two are dating or not remains a mystery. Hocane is currently residing in Pakistan, while Gilani is studying overseas.

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