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Allegedly TikTok star Nisha Guragain Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit

Nisha Guragain – Age, Bio, Height, Net Worth Wiki

Nisha Guragain, a middle-class Nepali Hindu woman, was born on October 2, 1997, in Itahari, Nepal. The entire family of Nisha relocated to Chandigarh because her father’s job required it. Chandigarh was where she was raised, and Chandigarh Baptist School was where she received her education. She grows interested in acting and dancing while she is in school. For better career prospects, she later relocated to Mumbai. For the time being, she rents a luxurious apartment in Mumbai. Few details about Nisha’s family are known because she is reserved and doesn’t talk about them.

A rising TikTok star from India is Nisha Guragain. After posting a lip-sync musical video to the song Mujhe Yaad Hai Aata Teri Wo Nazrein Milana, which went viral and received more than 2.5 million likes on TikTok, she caught everyone’s attention. On TikTok, she has more than 21.6 million fans (at the time of writing). She enjoys a sizable following on Instagram as well.

Nisha Guragain’s name spread throughout social media as a result of this fake video, disrupting India’s internet. But after finding out about the video, Nisha went live on Instagram to deny it was real, claiming that the girl in it was not actually her.

Nisha Guragain recently filed a complaint.

The complaint letter that Nisha Gurgain filed after the video went viral on various platforms is shown in the image below.

Nisha Guragain Physical Appearance

Nisha weighs approximately 55 kg and stands 5.5 feet tall. His hair is also black, and he has brown eyes.

Boyfriend of Nisha Guragain

Nisha is not yet wed. Ramzan Kutty is also referred to as his rumoured boyfriend on social media. However, they have provided no specific details.

Information About Nisha

  1. Nisha currently resides in Mumbai, but her family is primarily from Ithari, Nepal.
  2. Nisha enjoys travelling, and Goa is her favourite destination.
  3. Nisha enjoys ice cream a lot.
  4. The majority of Nisha’s friends are female because she dislikes hanging out with boys.
  5. Shiru is the name of Nisha’s pet dog, who she also keeps as a pet.
  6. Nisha views her mother as her best friend, and the two of them talk about everything.

More concerns for Nisha

Nisha Guragain: Who is she?

Model and well-known social media personality from India is Nisha.

When is the birthday of Nishu Gurgain?

Born on October 2, 1997, Nisha.

Where is the home of Nisha Guragain?

Currently, Nisha resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Allegedly TikTok star Nisha Guragain Viral Video


Following the video’s virility, a slew of YouTubers have gone on to create a sle*w of videos delving deeper into Nisha’s video.

Note: This entire story was based on videos and other content found on social media. The goal of this story isn’t to smear anyone’s reputation.

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