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Allegedly IMRAN KHAN Video Leaked & Viral On Twitter, Reddit & Youtube

Good morning, as we all know, things are tumultuous in Pakistan, with Prime Minister Imran Khan ejected from parliament following a vote of no confidence in the General Assembly. Now that he is no longer in power, other politicians and well-known Tik Tok celebrities are attempting to reclaim his legacy by sharing his indecent s****exual recordings with women. is. He is the founder and former Prime Minister of the Tehreek-e-Insaf political party (PTI). Everyone expected him to finish his five-year term as Prime Minister of Pakistan, but he was unable to do so.

Imran Khan’s video was allegedly le**””aked.

Currently, roughly two minutes of digital video are circulating on the Internet, with some claiming that Imran Khan is s*****exually abusing women. Currently, Pakistani news networks claim that everyone is attempting to delegitimize him, and they have empowered their front lines to thoroughly explain his political career and influence. I’m going to make an effort. For four years, he was Prime Minister.

M***MS Clip allegedly involving Imran Khan

It’s not the first time he’s gotten into this squabble; he’s been in it three times. Videos of Pakistani politicians engaging in s****exual activities have recently been le*****aked to Natalie bases on the Internet, as has become customary. On October 5th, 1952, he was born. He is now 69 years old and captained Pakistan’s 1992 World Cup-winning team. His appointment as Prime Minister was eagerly anticipated by many.

Allegedly Imran Khan L***”eaked Full Hd Video Reality Explain!

Unfortunately, Pakistan is now completely reliant on China, and people, including Anchor, are slamming him for not providing what they require. He was the first Pakistani captain to win a test series against England. He was suspected of tampering with the ball after they retired, and he was embroiled in a slew of scandals and controversies as he exploited the seams of the ball with his legal team.

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