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Allegedly Bushra Bibi gave instructions to Arsalan Khalid Viral Audio Leaked on Twitter, Reddit

Dr. Arsalan Khalid overheard Bushra Bibi saying that Imran Khan had instructed him to use the hashtag “traitor” on social media.

As the political climate becomes more heated, a new reported tape of Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi giving the PTI Chairman for Digital Media Dr. Arsalan Khalid instructions to run trends labelling people as traitors has surfaced.

According to the tape, the former first lady initially voiced her displeasure with Dr. Arsalan Khalid over the PTI’s lack of social media activity. She added that on the previous prime minister Imran Khan’s orders, Dr. Khalid and his staff had used the traitor hashtag on social media.

“Imran Khan urged you to [run] the traitor hashtag; a great deal of people called, your social media was active, and it hasn’t been active for a week. Beta, why is it this way? enquired Bushra.

Bushra told Dr. Khalid to let go of what had happened before he could explain himself. She also warned him that Aleem Khan and others would speak out against Imran Khan, her, and her friend Farah Khan.

The former first lady told Dr. Khalid, “You do not need to create an issue out of this [but] call them traitors on [social media],” to which the doctor replied in the affirmative. “They will create so many stories and will share people’s statements as well,” she added.

You must link Aleem Khan and other speakers with the hashtag “traitors” since they will be doing so in accordance with a plan. You must bring up the [threat] letter on social media and claim that we are aware that it is real. Bushra told Dr. Khalid, “We know that they have assembled to betray [the country], and to preserve themselves, they have joined the traitors.

After giving the orders, the former first lady urged Dr. Khalid to tell his staff to bring up the government’s refusal to purchase oil from Russia and draw a connection between it and how Imran Khan was being betrayed.

Bushra remarked, “Now you have to make sure that [this issue] doesn’t go away.” She gave the previous prime minister’s digital media spokesperson the order to start a trend so that people are aware that Imran Khan and the nation are being deceived.

They will say a lot of negative things about Farah and me, I also wanted to say to you, Arsalan. You have to use the traitor [hashtag] to link that, said Bushra.

“Yes, all right, we will do it by [claiming] that they are doing all this because they are traitors,” Dr. Khalid responded to this.

The former first lady later revealed to Dr. Khalid that many were concerned about Imran Khan’s ability to know everything even before it was publicly known.

“I know you understand, but I’m just telling you this; you don’t have to talk to anyone about this. This is why they are after him. To associate with this with the traitor [hashtag] is what you need to do, according to Bushra.

The former first lady’s engagement in politics has long been the subject of rumours, especially after Imran Khan took office. According to reports, Bushra was instrumental in both the resignation of the cabinet and the selection of Usman Buzdar as Punjab’s chief minister.

Bushra is a private individual who is not involved in politics, the PTI has insisted on repeat.

Allegedly Bushra Bibi Instructed Arsalan Khalid Full Audio Leaked on Twitter, Reddit


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