Allegedly Bushra Bibi Audio Leak & trending on Twitter

In an allegedly leaked audio, Bushra Bibi, the wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Arsalan Khalid, is purportedly given instructions to create a narrative against the opponents and launch a campaign to prove they are traitors.

Bushra Bibi is heard instructing Arsalan in the leaked audio, allegedly saying, “Khan Sahib told you to run a Hash Tag of treason.” People keep telling me that our social media is extremely active, but for the past week, it hasn’t been. Why? You must be very busy right now.

Bushra Bibi is heard allegedly saying in the audio, “Aleem Khan and others like him will talk about me and Khan Sahib. They will also speak negatively about Farah Khan, heap unwarranted accusations against us, and present testimonies from witnesses, but you won’t raise a fuss about it and will accuse everyone of treason.

In an allegedly leaked audio recording, the ex-prime minister’s spouse allegedly stated, “Today you have to raise the issue of Russia and not let this issue come down, make it a trend to let people know they are betraying Khan and the country.”

Allegedly Bushra Bibi Audio Leak



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