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Alleged S3xual Harassment Sparks Violence: Female Student Attacked Professor

Video: Female Student Confronts Professor Over Alleged Harassment

Government College University, Lahore, renowned for its academic excellence and rich history, has recently been thrust into the spotlight for an unfortunate incident involving a faculty member and a female student. The incident, captured on video footage, has sparked discussions about harassment and appropriate means of addressing such issues within educational institutions.

The Incident:

According to reports from ARY News, a female student at GC University was involved in a physical altercation with a professor whom she accused of s3xual harassment. The video footage circulating online shows the student throwing files and pulling the assistant professor’s hair, while he attempted to defend himself.

Inappropriate Response:

While the student’s frustration and anger are understandable given the seriousness of the allegations, resorting to physical violence is not an appropriate way to address such issues. The use of force can lead to legal consequences for both parties involved and perpetuate a cycle of violence rather than resolving the underlying problem.

Addressing Harassment at Government College University: The Case of GC University Video Footage

University Response:

In response to the incident, a spokesperson for GC University stated that the Vice Chancellor has taken note of the situation and formed a committee to investigate the matter. The committee’s primary objective is to identify those responsible for the altercation and take appropriate disciplinary action.

Importance of Proper Handling:

This incident underscores the importance of having robust mechanisms in place within educational institutions to address complaints of harassment effectively. By fostering a culture of respect, communication, and accountability, universities can create safer environments for all students and staff members.


As the investigation into the incident at GC University unfolds, it serves as a sobering reminder of the challenges universities face in tackling harassment. Moving forward, it is imperative for institutions to prioritize the safety and well-being of their community members and take proactive measures to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

Government College University, Lahore, must use this incident as an opportunity to strengthen its policies and procedures for handling harassment cases, ensuring that all individuals feel safe and supported within its academic community. Only through concerted efforts can universities create environments where everyone can thrive without fear of harassment or violence.

FAQs about the GC University Video Footage Incident

Q: What exactly happened in the GC University video footage incident?

A: A female student got into a physical altercation with a professor whom she accused of harassment. The incident was captured on video.

Q: Why did the student and professor get into a fight?

A: The student accused the professor of harassment, leading to a heated argument that turned physical.

Q: What was the response from GC University?

A: GC University has formed a committee to investigate the incident and take appropriate action against those involved.

Q: Is physical violence an appropriate way to address harassment allegations?

A: No, resorting to physical violence is never the right way to address harassment allegations and can lead to further complications.

Q: What lessons can be learned from this incident?

A: This incident highlights the importance of having proper mechanisms in place to handle harassment complaints effectively within educational institutions.

Q: How can universities prevent similar incidents from happening in the future?

A: By promoting a culture of respect, communication, and accountability, universities can create safer environments for all students and staff members.

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