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Alleged Audio Leaked of Imran Khan and Azam Khan discussing cypher.

After audio recordings of what appeared to be his conversation with someone surfaced on social media on Wednesday, the focus of attention turned to the former prime minister Imran Khan and his important aide.

Imran Khan and his principal secretary Azam Khan were overheard discussing the US cipher, which the PTI leader claimed was what caused the previous government to be overthrown, in the purported audio conversation.

We just have to play with it, by hiding the date and without naming the US, the voice identified as PTI chief is heard saying in the roughly one-and-a-half-minute audio clip.

The other man, who is thought to be the former principal secretary Azam Khan, emphasizes the importance of holding a meeting to discuss the matter. Then, Azam Khan gives Imran Khan some advice on how to give the party’s story about foreigners overthrowing the government a new angle.

Additionally, it is claimed that the former principal secretary to the prime minister counseled the defiant politician to discuss the issue with the then-foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and the foreign secretary.

The former prime minister then has a discussion with Azam Khan to develop a narrative for the general public and world leaders.

In response, Fawad Chaudhary, a former information minister and current leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), claimed that the purported audio leaks reveal an effort to conceal the US cipher from Imran Khan, the country’s former prime minister.

The news comes days after allegedly leaked audio clips of government officials, including Maryam Nawaz, Shehbaz Sharif, and his cabinet members.

Prior to the recent leak, PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry had asserted that PM Shehbaz’s conversations had been made available for purchase on the dark web. However, the leak shows that the bugging operation began before anyone was aware of it.

What has the audio leaked as expected?

The hackers announced the release of all the audios on Friday via their Twitter account Indishell (@Indishellgp), citing the need to improve Pakistan as the reason for the suspension of negotiations with the government.

According to hackers, the audio leaks could include

  1. Interaction with journalists is included in the audio.
  2. Conversations with government officials are included in the audio files.
  3. Conversations with military personnel are recorded.
  4. Conversations with the top military official are included in the audio.
  5. Government and personal business are discussed in the audio.
  6. The interactions between the first family and extended family are captured on audio.
  7. Conversations with active judicial appointees may be included in audio recordings.
  8. Engagements with foreign dignitaries are captured on audio.
  9. Directions and orders given by the personnel are included in the audio.

Audio leaks: What will be made public on Friday?

Describe the dark web.

The dark web is a secret network of websites that can only be accessed through a specialized web browser. It is used to maintain the privacy and anonymity of internet activity, which is useful for both legal and illegal applications. The use of it for highly illegal activity has also been reported, even though some people use it to avoid government censorship.

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