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Airplane Cockpit: Russian pilot and a female cadet fired After Viral Video

A Russian pilot was fired after making a se**x tape in the cockpit with a female cadet. This unusual case comes from Russia’s Sasovo Flight School. In the cockpit, a female cadet and pilot made se**x tape. The se**x in the cockpit was also captured on camera by both of them. But the most surprising aspect was that he put the plane on auto pilot mode during this time.

The 28-year-old pilot, according to the information, demanded se**x from his 21-year-old cadet in exchange for more flights. In exchange for se**x, the pilot had persuaded the cadet to accept more flight time. Both made the se**x tape in a Cessna 172 plane, according to local news reports. When they put the plane on autopilot mode, it was flying over the Ryzan region.

The Female Cadet refused to participate.

People recognised him after seeing this video. Both of them were fired after the video reached Sasovo Flight School. The pilot is a married man, according to the information. In exchange for the extra flight time, he demanded se**x from the female cadet. In this case, the cadet claimed that he had initially denied it. ‘At first, I refused because he was married,’ he explained. Later, however, he mentioned paying extra tuition.

When asked what happened during the flight, the cadet explained that they only kissed each other by putting the plane on autopilot. He also stated that this occurred only once and would not occur again. According to the information, the cadet had an argument with one of his classmates, after which he took revenge by posting the video online.

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