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Ahad Raza Mir Draws Criticism For Bo*ld Scene in Resident Evil on Netflix

Ahad Raza Mir, a Pakistani actor, recently made his Hollywood debut in Netflix’s Resident Evil, but he is facing criticism due to a provo*cative k*issing scene in the show. Fans have expressed their displeasure on social media for the actor’s participation in such off*ensive scenes.

The majority of you are familiar with the Resident Evil series, a successful movie franchise starring Milla Jovovich and based on a series of Japanese video games. With new characters and an entirely new plot, the new Resident Evil series offers a completely different perspective on the entire franchise.

Ahad Raza Mir plays the part of “Arjun Batra,” an Indian immigrant who is married to one of the main characters, Jade Wesker, and who has a daughter named Bea. Although the ‘Dhoop Ki Dewar’ star was cast in Netflix’s Resident Evil series, the actors’ decision to perform some risque scenes, such as a k*issing scene, disappointed the fans.

Fans of the Resident Evil series criticised Ahad Raza Mir for performing a daring kissing scene, which caused the hashtag #AhadXResidentEvilNetflix to trend on Twitter. Even worse, they made comparisons between the actor and Sajal Aly, who had previously discussed abandoning a Hollywood project due to a provocative scene.

Resident Evil Movie’s Ahad Raza Mir’s Bo*ld Scene

The following are some tweets that criticised the actor for the bo*ld scenes:

Yea let the netflix destroy this world by its LGBTQ agenda.
Let pakistanis like ahad raza mir do bo*ld scenes out there

Soon this nation will be rocking on banned sites and showing talents out there.

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