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After removing her clothes, Urfi Javed wrapped the thread and shared Viral video

Urfi Javed’s remark: Let’s just say that Urfi Javed is a fashion enthusiast or an actress who recently posted a video on social media in which she was dressed very crudely. Urfi Javed has since released a statement in response to this video.

Urfi Javed Comment On Her Bo*ld Look: Urfi Javed, the queen of social media, is well-known for her perpetually awkward demeanor. Recently, she shared a video of herself, seeing which people’s breath got stuck. Recently she was seen only in green thread. Urfi was trolled a lot for this look.

Considering that Urfi had never been seen before sporting such a b*ld appearance. The actress has now clarified her appearance and explained why she presented herself to the public in such a seductive manner.

Looking urfi bo*ldest

A video that Urfi Javed recently posted shook social media as a whole. Urfi Javed was seen in this video sporting a dress made of threads. There was a lot of debate regarding Urfi Javed’s appearance in this video. Urfi Javed is receiving trolling on social media as a result of this video of her going viral. They are also receiving advice to dress appropriately. Urfi has since commented on this video. Urfi explained the background of her choice of attire.

Urfi Javed made this statement.

In a topless video that has gone viral on social media, Urfi Javed can be seen. Several things are occurring in relation to this video. Urfi recently shared her thoughts on this video as well. Urfi has explained why she posted this video. Urfi Javed shared the Instagram video story with the caption, “This dress has a meaning. How women in India are showered with roses and sparkling jewellery in order to look their best in marriage. She can’t walk properly now that she’s wearing them, though. The conversation about this video has resumed following the exposure of Urfi’s claim.

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