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After Hayley Atwell’s split, Tom Cruise sparks rumours of a new affair.

Tom Cruise, a Hollywood actor, has apparently fallen head over heels in love with a British actress and had his “socks blown off” by her charm.

This information was obtained from a person close to the Mission Impossible actor.

The insider began by saying how “a few weeks ago, he was introduced to a stunning British actress and was instantly smitten,” according to OK! Magazine.

The identity of the British star has not been released as of yet but from the get-go, the “incurable romantic” began to grow infatuated and “wooed her with flowers and gifts and dinners at his favourite London restaurants.”

Not long after Cruise’s advances began, “He completely swept her off her feet, even taking her on day trips aboard a plane that he piloted himself.”

“Tom has gotten lots of flack for being over-the-top when he falls in love, but he’s an incurable romantic.”

The same insider also shared some insight into the actor’s present mental state, admitting that “his self-esteem must have taken quite a knock” after his affair with Atwell ended abruptly.

This is notable since, previous to Atwell, the actor had not been spotted actively dating since his romance with Katie Holmes ended in 2012.

While Holmes was opposed to her daughter growing up with the Scientology church’s principles, his current beau seemed unconcerned. “She adores Tom and has decided to devote herself in the church.” It’s entirely her choice, which has taken his breath away.”

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