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Afia Schwarzenegger Controversial Video Went Viral On Twitter, YouTube & Reddit

According to the most recent reports, socialite and Ghanaian actress Afia Schwarzenegger deleted her contentious video, which caused quite a stir online. The famous Nogokpo Shrine was the subject of a video that the Ghanaian actress later deleted. Continue reading to learn more about the removed video and the justification for doing so. The actress removed the video after receiving a severe warning from the shrine’s authorities, who claim it is against their rules and guidelines for visitors to publish on the shrine’s website during or after a visit. The sharing of any photos or videos online by visitors is strictly prohibited.

Who Is Afia Schwarzenegger?

Afia Schwarzenegger, also known by her stage name Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa, is a media figure from Ghana. She was fired from those positions for alleged gross misconduct. She hosted the morning shows Yewo krom on Okay FM and Kokooko on UTV Ghana.

Afia Schwarzenegger Controversial Video

The actress made the decision to take down the video after seeing the controversy and the warning from the shrine authorities. Despite the fact that the video has already gone viral online and on various social media sites. Ever since the deleted video was discovered online, it has become a popular topic of discussion. It’s being discussed by many people, and they want to learn more about it. According to a number of accounts, the actress visited the beloved shrine Nogokpo Shrine in an effort to convince media sceptics that she did so in order to present a strong front against the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The Ghanaian actress uploaded a photo and a video of herself standing next to a sign that read “Nogookpo,” along with the caption, “I imply Business.” However, after the picture was uploaded online, haters started trolling the woman.

TV host Mona Gucci is undoubtedly one of the haters who ridiculed the actress for her photo and claimed that the official of the Shrine had told her that the actress had never been there. The TV host further claimed that Afia uploaded the video in which she could be seen walking barefoot on the shrine grounds. The chief of Nogokpo later stated in an interview with a media outlet regarding the social media posting of the shrine that it was strictly forbidden for anyone who visited the shrine to post any images of the shrine or any activities that were performed inside the Shrine on social media.

“At Nogokpo Shrine, we help a lot of people. We don’t tolerate the actress’s online foolishness and nonsense because she joined the group to share videos and pictures. In any way, it is unacceptable. Togbui Amuzu gave the media instructions on how to cover the entire controversy. Amuzu added that we would take action against the actress because of her recent statements, which are controversial and have a negative effect on them.

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