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Adult Dance Steps are Perfectly Copied by a Little Girl Video Went Viral

The little girl is seen dancing gracefully in front of the dance instructor and other dancers in the video. Watch the video that went viral.

Children learn by watching adults and frequently imitate their behaviour. One such adorable moment was captured on camera, with a little girl imitating adult dance steps. The video begins with a dance instructor teaching a group of adults a couple of dance moves. Meanwhile, the little girl stands in front of the instructor with complete confidence, perfectly replicating each and every step.

She is completely in sync with their movements and dances with ease. It wouldn’t surprise me if she became a fantastic dancer as an adult.

@TheFigen posted the sweet video to Twitter with the caption, “Some are born with rhythm.”

Here’s the link to the video:

Needless to say, the video is making people happy, and the cute girl is receiving a lot of love in the comments section. Some praised her for her talent and flawless dance moves. “Children’s observation is very strong,” one user wrote, “whatever we do in front of them they replicate.” “She’s got those moves down!” exclaimed another. “Oh my goodness, she is so adorable,” wrote a third. “It appears the group’s leader is following in the footsteps of the cutie and not otherwise,” a fourth said, “but she is perfect.”

More reactions here:

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