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Actress Zarnish Khan bold dance video

Zarnish Khan, who recently upset feminists with her’marriage announcement,’ has put herself in hot water yet again after her daring dance video went viral.

A few days ago, the Aitbaar actress attended a wedding with her family and danced to a Bollywood song, which supposedly drew a lot of criticism. Outraged social media users are now upset with her dance movements.

Lets watch dance video

According to commenters, the actress has gone insane and is dancing in ecstasy. Zarnish, according to one user, is becoming better by the day. ‘Sleeveless in December?’ ‘I suppose it’s a lady thing!!,’ one user said.

‘Akeeli paghl ho rahi hy yah,’ wrote the social media user. ‘It’s a type of Bollywood thing that isn’t related to our ladies’ dancing routines,’ said another.

‘Bht pasand thi ap lkn apki clothing ny bht dissapointed kiya,’ another irate user remarked. ‘Aik to nangy opr sy dance bhi..’ said the other. ‘Yai kiya rahin ap qoam ko…..’ She appeared in the drama series ‘Jo Tu Chahay’ and ‘Ishq Zahe Naseeb.’

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