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Actress Shehnaaz Gill’s video and chastised her.

The upcoming project of actress Shehnaaz Gill is a hot topic right now. She also commands the attention of her followers on social media. His cute style is liked by everyone. Shahnaz Gill has been the target of trolls once again as a result of one of her videos.

The Katrina Kaif of Punjab, Shehnaaz Gill, always smiles and responds to questions from the media. The Attitude supporters who can be seen criticizing Shehnaaz Gill in this video do not find anything particularly noteworthy and have dubbed Shahnaz conceited.

As Shahnaz approaches her vanity van in the video, the photographer asks her to strike a pose for the picture. Shehnaaz refutes them, claiming that she is also employed and will take pictures later. Shahnaz’s response was not well received by social media users, and the situation got worse when the actress was asked how she was doing.

Shahnaz responded by asking what treatment would be given if I wasn’t qualified to speak. Someone responded, “We will pray, not medicine,” in response. When Shahnaz was heard asking, “What will you do,” she once more indulged her vanity.

This Shahnaz video went viral as soon as it appeared on social media. A user appeared to call them arrogant, and other users commented that having too much arrogance is bad. Prior to this, Shahnaz Gill also made headlines for failing to post anything on social media on the anniversary of Siddharth Shukla’s passing and skipping the family prayer gathering.

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