Actress Nikita Rawal is being held hostage in a hotel because the budget for the film that will star her has run out.

Nikita Rawal: Nikita Rawal, best known for her role in “Amma Ki Boli,” is regarded as one of the most attractive actresses in the business. She is also a wonderful person with a good heart.

She has been residing in a hotel with her co-stars and the cast of the upcoming movie while they are filming. Nikita is reportedly one of the people held hostage by the hotel because the hotel staff has refused to release the actors because the producers are reportedly out of money.

Nikita has experienced the greatest inconvenience as a result of this act and incident, and the actress has turned to the media to voice her concerns.

We are being held here against our wills and through no fault of our own, and that is just not right. It is shocking and revolting to see this kind of behavior in a democracy. We are upset and angry because we are being treated like some hostages whose release is contingent upon payment.

In her song “Shy Shy Dil,” Nikita Rawal was last seen looking stunning in a seductive yellow dress and igniting the song with her spot-on poses and expressions.

In this song, which was sung in the voice of Singer Jotshna and was directed by Sayan Roy and Yash Wadali, Nikita Rawal undoubtedly gave us an incredibly hot avatar.

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