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Actress Maria Wasti Drunk Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit

Maria Wasti, a television actress, remarked that it was strange to observe people’s responses to my personal beach photo. She claimed that reading the commentary and captions on those pictures was both irksome and unsettling. Maria made this statement in a recent interview with a reputable English-language newspaper in Pakistan.

It was awful reading the commentary on those images. On beaches, how do people act? What do they dress in? Those photos that go viral on social networking sites make me sad to see how people distort reality to suit their narrow viewpoint, said Maria.

Maria added that there is a double standard in our society because although we see extramarital affairs or domestic violence in Hollywood and Bollywood films and dramas, when any Pakistani production house addressed these issues, people began to protest.

Actress Maria Wasti Drunk Viral Video


The Pakistani actress Maria Wasti’s video was posted on a facebook page, and people started leaving hilarious comments on it.

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