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Actress Malaika Arora Yoga Video Goes Viral on Twitter, Reddit

Malaika Arora, an actress, is well known for having a rigorous fitness regimen. On social media, she frequently provides fans with advice and updates on this programme. The actress, who fervently believes in the benefits of yoga, recently posted a number of yoga asanas on her social media accounts to encourage followers to get their yoga mats ready and take charge of their mental health. Adho Mukha Svanasana, also known as the Downward Dog Pose, Balasana, or the Child Pose, and Sukhasana are the three asanas that Malaika Arora focuses on in the video she shared. The actress performs all three asanas in the brief video.

The actress performs all three asanas in the brief video. He wrote, “Let’s turn to Mind,” after posting the video. Mental health requires the same care as physical health. To maintain our mental health, I advise performing these three asanas on a regular basis.

Yoga Video by Malaika Arora

Downward Dog Pose, also known as Adho Mukha Svanasana, is one of the most well-known yoga poses. It stretches the entire body while strengthening the core and enhancing blood circulation. Stress and anxiety are also known to be reduced by it.

Yoga Advice from Malaika Arora

Inhale, then lift your body with the assistance of your hands and feet. Straighten your legs while lifting your hips back and up as you exhale.

Child Pose, also known as Balasana, is an asana that is effective at easing chest tension, improving sleep quality, calming the back and spine, and easing tension in the shoulders and arms.

Keep your knees hip-width apart while performing this asana, and breathe. Now bend forward, keeping your torso between your thighs, while exhaling, and bending your hands forward.

Sukhasana is a straightforward cross-legged yoga pose that is occasionally used for meditation. It is well known for calming the body and mind, which lowers stress and anxiety. Additionally, experts claim that this pose lengthens the spine and back muscles, strengthens the back muscles, improves overall body posture, and helps one become more focused and attentive.

Sit with your pelvis in a neutral position to perform this asana. Bring your shoulders up to your ears while inhaling, and down to your back while exhaling.

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