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Actress Esra Bilgiç Bold Video Shoot went Viral

Esra Bilgic, a Turkish actress, has received harsh criticism after appearing in a video ad for the popular lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. The diva has landed in hot water after her Pakistani fans began publicly criticising her for participating in a pornographic shoot for the lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret.

Esra Bilgic is seen in the video wearing only a Victoria’s Secret bra, and Pakistani fans have gone insane, attacking the actress in her comment section for promoting vulgar clothing. Esra Bilgic has been chastised in the past for sharing provocative images and acting in provocative scenes in Turkish drama serials.

Esra Bilgic rose to prominence after playing Halime Sultan in the Turkish drama Dirilis Ertugrul (aka Ertugrul Ghazi), and her Pakistani fans have found it difficult to accept that she was only portraying a character, as they continue to moral police the Turkish star.

The Turkish diva has also worked as a model for Pakistani brands such as Khaadi and Maria B, as well as serving as the ambassador for Peshawar Zalmi, but Esra Bilgic’s appearance in a Victoria’s Secret video ad to promote their bra catalogue for “Love Cloud” has enraged fans, who have begun lecturing the actress about the responsibilities that come with the role of Halime Sultan.

Victoria’s Secret Model Esra Bilgic in a Bold Look



People are still comparing Esra Bilgic to the character of Halime Sultan after she did the daring video and photoshoot for Victoria’s Secret. These people find it difficult to look at Esra Bilgic’s provocative photos and videos and lecture her on moral values.

The following are just a few of the Instagram comments about Esra Bilgic shooting a video for Victoria’s Secret lingerie.

Someone in the comments even suggested that Esra Bilgic ask Pakistan for money if that is the reason she is doing such scum in the modelling industry. “If you need money, go to Pakistan, but don’t do this,” he wrote in the comment, and it’s clear that he was in a lot of pain while writing it.

Esra Bilgic has also gotten a lot of flak for doing some controversial scenes in Turkish drama serials, including kissing her co-stars on camera. As a result, she has become the target of moral policing by her Pakistani fans.

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