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Actress Ananya Panday shares her thoughts on love.

Ananya Panday, a young Bollywood sensation, has a lot to say about matters when it comes to arguments and dialogues, and she discussed her vision of love that would lead to an ideal partnership as she sat for a frank chat.

The actress is psychologically preparing for a conversation that will take place following the publication of her romance drama Gehraiyaan, which explores the subject of adultery.

The Khaali Peeli actress stated in an interview with Hindustan Times,

“While I was growing up, I watched a lot of Shah Rukh Khan’s (actor) films, and I wanted an ideal man who would be madly in love with me and look at me with love struck eyes. After a while, I realized that love is a lot about communication and friendship.”

The actress was busy promoting her flick Gehraiyaan at the time.

Infidelity is a deal breaker for Ananya.

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