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According to Shireen Mazari, a “voice recorder” was discovered in her bedroom.

Shireen Mazari, a PTI leader and former minister for human rights, claimed on Tuesday that housekeeping staff at her Islamabad residence had found a “voice recorder” in her bedroom the previous day.

She and Shibli Faraz spoke at a press conference in Islamabad and said, “I was at Banigala yesterday when I received a call from my domestic worker that a device had been attached underneath a coffee table in my bedroom.”

The former minister claimed that at first she believed the object in question to be a USB. She added that the device was a “American model,” but upon closer inspection, we learned that it was a “voice recorder.”

She went on to say that the object was the same as the “listening device” discovered at PTI leader Imran Khan’s home last month.

“The obvious question is, who installed it? And in my bedroom, too. Regarding the perpetrator, we have our doubts. However, I want to draw attention to the fact that this is against the Constitution.

She described the gadget in detail, mentioning that it was trackable and had a microphone through which “everything could be heard.”

She said the state had “no limits” and questioned what they were trying to discover.

What do you hope to accomplish further?” On our behalf, phoney cases have been filed. Our cell phones have been monitored. A joke has been made out of the law and the Constitution.

The former minister asserted that society no longer valued privacy and that all dissident voices were put through this ordeal.

“However, I’ll fight back and submit a constitutional petition to the Islamabad High Court. They have violated my rights to protection and privacy.

She also exhorted the state and the government to exercise caution because the populace was rebelling against the state in protest of the foreign conspiracy, which the PTI claims was hatched to overthrow the government.

“You observed the outcomes of the by-elections in Punjab. However, it appears that the agencies still do not comprehend [the situation],” she said.

No one can silence us, she declared, “whether it be neutrals or any other secret agency.” She also vowed to expose those responsible for using such methods.

Later, PTI leader and former finance minister Shaukat Tarin stated that it was regrettable that Mazari’s home had been bugged.

He questioned, “Where is Pakistani citizens’ constitutional protection?”

I have found a voice recorder installed under the table in my bedroom – Shireen Mazari


The claims made by PTI

The PTI has previously levelled similar accusations. Imran Khan, the leader of the PTI, has repeatedly threatened to “reveal everything” about the individuals allegedly involved in a plot to overthrow his government if harassment of him and his party does not stop.

According to PTI leader Shahbaz Gill, a member of the Banigala staff was discovered installing a spy gadget in Imran’s bedroom last month.

He had previously told the media that the suspect had been employed there for the previous six years, which is why “he was paid to install the device in the bedroom.”

According to Gill, the employee received Rs. 50,000 and was told that more money would be given to him as soon as more information became available.

Additionally, the PTI leader claimed that all law enforcement and intelligence agencies were already aware of the dangers to Imran.

Weeks later, the party had complained that “threatening calls” were being made to its supporters by “unknown numbers.” In addition, party leaders claimed that a pilot who transported Imran to his rallies prior to the Punjab by-elections had also received similar calls.

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