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Abeera Khan came out openly against her husband Sajjad Jani

Sajjad Jani Faces Opposition as Abeera Khan Speaks Out Publicly

Abeera Khan, the captivating content creator and anchor originating from Faislabad, widely acknowledged as the “Faisalabadi Kuri,” has been creating a significant impact not just with her on-the-road shows but also through her influential presence on YouTube and in the mainstream media. Aside from her professional endeavors, Abeera’s personal life recently took the spotlight as she shared insights into her marriage, divorce, and the hurdles she encountered with her former spouse, the renowned comedian Sajjad Jani.

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Early Life and Professional Journey:

Hailing from Faislabad, Abeera Khan, around 32 years old, has established herself as a prominent figure in the realm of content creation and media. With a flourishing YouTube channel and a background in mainstream media, she has emerged as a well-known personality in the industry, earning the endearing nickname “Faisalabadi Kuri.”

The Untold Story: Abeera Khan’s Revelation about Sajjad Jani:

Sajjad Jani, also known as the Dubbing Master (Butt te Bhatti), has become a topic of conversation regarding his personal life. According to statements from his ex-wife, he is accused of having five wives. In a recent interview on Mian Imran Arshad’s podcast, Abeera Khan shared the details of her separation from Sajjad Jani. She disclosed that she was his fourth wife and expressed uncertainty about the total number of his official wives. Abeera Khan revealed some of the names of the wives. Although Sajjad Jani entered into matrimony with Abeera Khan in 2020, the marriage concluded in divorce in 2022.

Abeera Khan’s revelation opened the door to a fascinating narrative of Sajjad Jani’s marital journey. With a track record of five consecutive marriages, the Dubbing Master seems to be entangled in a web of complex relationships. The podcast shed light on the names of some of his wives, including Rida, Urwa, Abeera Khan, and the speculated current wife, Maria Aslam.


Behind the Split: Unraveling the Key Reasons for Separation

Abeera Khan shed light on the reasons behind her split from Sajjad Jani, pointing to his involvement in numerous affairs and a history of five consecutive marriages. She disclosed being the fourth wife and mentioned that Sajjad Jani recently entered into his fifth marriage, with Maria Aslam being the speculated name for his current wife.

Children and Divorce Date:

Despite the tumultuous nature of her marriage, Abeera Khan shared that she has one son from her union with Sajjad Jani. The divorce, which took place in 2022, came as a surprise to Abeera, who only learned about it three months ago, as Sajjad Jani failed to inform her directly.

Family Dynamics

Despite the chaos surrounding their relationship, Abeera Khan revealed that she shares a son with Sajjad Jani. The divorce, which blindsided her in 2022, unfolded without direct communication from Sajjad Jani, leaving Abeera to discover the news only three months ago.

Unregistered Marriage:

Abeera clarified the official status of their marriage, disclosing that their union in 2020 was never formally registered. The absence of a marriage certificate adds an extra layer of complexity to their relationship, raising questions about the legality and recognition of their time together.

The Alleged Wife Nama List and Captivating Photos Exposed

The podcast discussion also touched upon the alleged list of wives attributed to Sajjad Jani. The names Rida, Urwa, Abeera Khan, and Maria Aslam have become part of the controversial narrative surrounding the Dubbing Master’s personal life.


Abeera Khan’s journey, marked by professional success and personal challenges, serves as a testament to her resilience and determination. The revelations about her past marriage highlight the importance of addressing issues openly and the strength required to overcome life’s adversities. As Faisalabadi Kuri continues her road shows and content creation, her story stands as an inspiration for others navigating the complexities of relationships and personal growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Sajjad Jani and His Controversial Personal Life

Q1: Who is Sajjad Jani, and why is he in the news?

A1: Sajjad Jani, widely known as the Dubbing Master (Butt te Bhatti), is a public figure primarily recognized for his dubbing skills. Recently, he has gained attention due to revelations about his personal life, specifically allegations of having five wives.

Q2: What details were disclosed about Sajjad Jani’s marriages?

A2: In a podcast interview with Abeera Khan, Sajjad Jani’s ex-wife, she shared insights into their tumultuous marriage. She revealed that she was his fourth wife and shed light on his history of five consecutive marriages. The interview also mentioned some of the names, including Rida, Urwa, Abeera Khan, and the speculated current wife, Maria Aslam.

Q3: What led to the separation between Abeera Khan and Sajjad Jani?

A3: According to Abeera Khan, the reasons for their split included Sajjad Jani’s involvement in numerous affairs and a pattern of serial marriages. The interview provided a glimpse into the challenges faced by Abeera during their marriage and the emotional toll of being the fourth wife.

Q4: How many children do Sajjad Jani and Abeera Khan have together?

A4: Despite the challenges in their marriage, Abeera Khan shared that she has one son from her union with Sajjad Jani.

Q5: Was the marriage between Sajjad Jani and Abeera Khan officially registered?

A5: According to Abeera Khan, their union in 2020 was not formally registered, and no marriage certificate was obtained, adding an additional layer of complexity to their relationship.

Q6: Who is included in the alleged wife nama list, and are there photos available?

A6: The alleged wife nama list includes names like Rida, Urwa, Abeera Khan, and Maria Aslam. However, the details surrounding this list are speculative, and concrete evidence remains unclear.

Q7: When did the divorce between Abeera Khan and Sajjad Jani take place?

A7: The divorce between Abeera Khan and Sajjad Jani occurred in 2022. Abeera learned about it three months ago, as Sajjad Jani failed to inform her directly.

Q8: What impact has this controversy had on Sajjad Jani’s public image?

A8: The controversy has significantly shifted the focus from Sajjad Jani’s professional achievements to his personal life. Public opinion may vary, but the revelations have undoubtedly sparked discussions and debates within the community.

Q9: How is Sajjad Jani responding to these allegations?

A9: As of now, there has been no public response from Sajjad Jani regarding the allegations or the details disclosed in the podcast interview.

Q10: What’s the current status of Sajjad Jani’s personal life?

A10: The current status of Sajjad Jani’s personal life remains a subject of public curiosity. Updates may emerge as the situation unfolds, and public interest in the controversy persists.

Q11: Has Sajjad Jani addressed the allegations of having multiple wives?

A11: As of the latest information available, Sajjad Jani has not publicly addressed the specific allegations of having multiple wives. The controversy surrounding his personal life continues to unfold without a direct response from him.

Q12: Are there legal implications for Sajjad Jani and his unregistered marriages?

A12: The legal implications of Sajjad Jani’s unregistered marriages remain uncertain. The absence of a formal marriage registration may impact the legal recognition of these unions, but specific details would depend on local laws and regulations.

Q13: How are fans and the public reacting to the controversy?

A13: Public reactions to the controversy vary, with some expressing shock and disappointment, while others remain neutral or call for privacy in personal matters. Social media platforms have been buzzing with discussions and opinions on Sajjad Jani’s personal life.

Q14: What impact might this controversy have on Sajjad Jani’s career?

A14: The impact on Sajjad Jani’s career remains to be seen. Public figures often face challenges when their personal lives become public fodder, and the extent of the impact will depend on the public’s perception and the nature of Sajjad Jani’s professional engagements.

Q15: Is there any official confirmation about Maria Aslam being Sajjad Jani’s current wife?

A15: The mention of Maria Aslam as Sajjad Jani’s current wife is speculative, and there is no official confirmation at this time. The details provided in the podcast interview are based on the information shared by Abeera Khan.

Q16: How has the media covered the Sajjad Jani controversy?

A16: The media has covered the Sajjad Jani controversy extensively, with various news outlets and social media platforms reporting on the unfolding details. It has become a topic of interest, generating discussions and analyses in both traditional and online media.

Q17: Are there any legal actions taken by any of Sajjad Jani’s ex-wives?

A17: There is no information available about legal actions taken by any of Sajjad Jani’s ex-wives as of now. Legal proceedings, if any, would depend on individual choices and circumstances.

Q18: How has Sajjad Jani’s ex-wife, Abeera Khan, dealt with the aftermath of the divorce?

A18: Abeera Khan, in her podcast interview, shared her perspective on the separation and the emotional toll it took on her. The interview provides insights into her experiences and feelings regarding the divorce.

Q19: What advice or messages has Sajjad Jani conveyed to his fans amidst the controversy?

A19: Sajjad Jani has not publicly conveyed any advice or messages to his fans amidst the controversy. His social media accounts and public statements have not addressed the unfolding events.

Q20: Will there be further updates on this controversy?

A20: The Sajjad Jani controversy is an evolving situation, and further updates may occur as new information surfaces. The public and media will likely continue to follow the story, and additional details may emerge over time.

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