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AAP Minister Lal Chand Kataruchak caught up in ‘S3ex for Job’ Scandal after Video Leak

Allegations Against AAP Minister Lal Chand Kataruchak: A Deepening Scandal

In a shocking turn of events, explicit video footage has surfaced, implicating Food and Civil Supplies Minister Lal Chand Kataruchak from the AAP party in a serious sexual misconduct scandal. The video, which went viral, allegedly shows Kataruchak engaging in explicit activities during a FaceTime call. Disturbingly, a young man came forward, claiming to be the victim of Kataruchak’s advances since 2013-2014.

Victim’s Testimony: A Tale of Coercion and Betrayal

The victim revealed that Kataruchak, taking advantage of his vulnerable position, had promised him a government job in exchange for sexual favors. The victim recounted accepting a Facebook friend request from Kataruchak in 2013-2014, leading to a series of inappropriate advances. The situation escalated when Kataruchak reportedly took the victim to his office, subjecting him to what was described as “sexual excesses.” The victim, fearing for his safety, has been in hiding since, fearing retaliation against him and his family.

Political Fallout: AAP Faces Scrutiny

The scandal took a political turn when Congress leader Sukhpal Singh Khaira obtained the explicit video and submitted a complaint to Punjab Governor Banwarilal Purohit. Subsequent investigations confirmed Kataruchak’s involvement in the video. Surprisingly, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann expressed support for Kataruchak, a move met with widespread criticism. Opposition leader Bikram Singh Majithia condemned Mann’s support, highlighting the seriousness of the allegations against the AAP minister.

Widening Controversy: AAP’s Troubles Multiply

In a separate incident, the AAP party faced another controversy involving Amit Puri, the personal assistant of Moga MLA Dr. Amandeep Kaur. Puri was caught in a video confessing to sexual abuse and threats against minors, further tarnishing the party’s reputation.

As the scandal continues to unfold, the AAP party finds itself embroiled in a deepening crisis, facing public outrage and political scrutiny in the wake of these disturbing revelations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Lal Chand Kataruchak Sexual Misconduct Scandal

Q1: Who is Lal Chand Kataruchak, and what is he accused of?

A1: Lal Chand Kataruchak is an AAP Minister accused of engaging in sexual misconduct, promising a government job in exchange for sexual favors.

Q2: When did the alleged incidents occur, and how long did they last?

A2: The misconduct allegedly began in 2013-2014 and continued until 2021, according to the victim.

Q3: What action was taken after the explicit video surfaced?

A3: Congress leader Sukhpal Singh Khaira filed a complaint, leading to an investigation confirming Kataruchak’s involvement.

Q4: What was Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann’s response?

A4: Mann expressed support for Kataruchak, causing controversy amid serious allegations.

Q5: Was there another controversy involving the AAP party?

A5: Yes, Amit Puri, a personal assistant of an AAP MLA, was caught in a video confessing to sexual abuse against minors.

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