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A video of a school teacher group lea**ked with students has gone viral.

The news has recently surfaced on social media platforms. This news went viral on social media platforms after a Madurai Government School teacher had group se**x with three students. The Tamil Nadu Cyber Call has launched an investigation into the recent scandal. Another day, another incident of people unable to keep their pants on, se**x has taken over the world today, enthralling people to the point where they are unable to quench their insatiable desire for it with just about any kind of shenanigans. We have more news information here, which we will share with you, so keep reading.

One Madurai couple had an extraordinary fantasy, which has landed them in hot water after a group se**x video went viral. A government school teacher in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, was featured in the video. One in which she witnessed three of her 16-year-old students having group se**x. After being shared by some friends of the teacher’s love interest, the video gained widespread attention. Keep reading because you’ve arrived at the right place to learn about the latest news.

The businessman’s entire act, which included the 42-year-old government school female teacher and her male student having consensual se**x, was recorded by a 39-year-old partner. The teacher was apprehended by the Tamil Nadu police on Sunday, and she and her lover were arrested. The Cyber Cell is looking into whether the video was uploaded to online portals in order to make money.

A Madurai Government School Teacher Having Group *explanation

The Madurai Cyber call has been given strict orders by the Director-General of Police to crack down on anyone who shares pornographic contact. Since 2010, she had been separated from her husband and in a relationship with her businessman lover. She allegedly invited three 16-year-old boys to her home and became intimate with them. Three boys had lodged grievances against her and the man. The couple was tracked down and arrested on Sunday under the POSCO Act, according to the police.

A case has been filed against the woman and her lover at the Madurai South All Woman Police Station under Sections 5(1), 5(n) r/w 6 of the POCSO Act, Sections 292(A), 506 of the IPC, and Sections 67 (A) and 67 (B) of the IT Act. We’ve shared all of the information so far, and if we learn anything new about the case, we’ll let you know. Keep an eye out for more information.

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